Repair Process

The first step to having your vehicle repaired is getting your free estimate. Our PA licensed appraisers will take pictures and fully document all the damage to your car. They use only the best software available along with current parts and labor prices and industry standard repair procedures to ensure that you receive the most accurate estimate possible.

When you drop off your car to be repaired, it is assigned to one of our skilled body techs. After a complete disassembly of the damaged area, your vehicle is checked for hidden damage and all additional necessary parts are ordered. We then do all of the major repairs such as frame straightening, welding, body filler and sanding, replacement of badly damaged panels, and the application of all anti-rust undercoating and sealers.

The repaired areas are sprayed with a high build primer and then sanded down to produce an ultra-smooth surface for the paint to be applied to. After a thorough surface cleaning your vehicle is moved into our downdraft spray booth where we tape and cover it with plastic so that no overspray sticks to undamaged areas. Finally, we apply our new environmentally friendly PPG Nexa Autocolor water based paint and a high gloss clear coat.

When the paint has cured enough to handle, your vehicle is returned to the tech that did the repair. Every part is carefully reinstalled and all broken parts are replaced. The repaired area is given a final buff and the exterior is washed. Your vehicle has then been fully returned to pre-accident condition and is ready for you to pick up.